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Your bicycle is in great hands with us. In addition to sales and consulting, we provide extensive services in maintenance, repairs and individual bike fitting analysis. more ... - News on Facebook: We regularly inform you on interesting novelties, special offers and cycling events in our region. An exclusive glimpse into manufacturer product seminars and expos will keep you up to date on the latest cycle trends and newest technologies. more ... - Repairs: We offer you overall proficient services for your every cycling need. Modern bikes have since long become high-tech machines. With the right knowhow and the appropriate tools, we'll take care of all defects, repairs and maintenances. more ... - Maintenance and repairs: Inspections: Our repair shop team will get your bike up and running so that you may enjoy a safe and carefree ride. We provide customized service possibilities, fit for your needs, which we discuss with you during drop-off. Bicycles are not all alike. If you need either tube change, shifting and braking adjustments, tuning, small or full-depth maintenance - everything's possible. All conducted service work is protocoled in our service-repair program and should any uncertainties arise, we will contact and consult you. Furthermore, as a customer, we offer you the possibility of logging on and informing yourself online of repair status and feedback. - Suspension-Service: Perfectly adapted forks and shocks: Suspension systems on modern bikes are constantly evolving and improving. Nevertheless, these parts are heavily strained and must get regular checkups for them to keep functioning properly. Let us consult you on available service options for hydraulic, spring or air damper systems. Fork and shock maintenances may vary depending on usage, duration and stress - Appointments: Scheduling an appointment date: Do you need a service repair appointment? We strongly recommend you book one in advance either personally, per telephone or eMail. We will set a drop-off and an estimated retrieval date with you, whereby "our" bikes are always given "first" priority. Good communication is crucial for competent work and your satisfaction. So grant us a bit of your time during the drop-off procedure. When you come in, your bicycle will be pre-examined. With you, we will discuss the necessary work, required parts will be selected and everything will be documented. - Qualifications: Continuous product and technical training: We are certified! We are consistently improving our knowledge and skills through trainings with our manufacturers in order to be up-to-date on trends, technologies and innovations. This way, we can inform and consult you best. Amongst many more, we have successfully taken part in: Specialized SBCU training, Specialized Body Geometry Fit Center, Sram Technical University, dealer training Avid, Sram Technical University, dealer training RockShox, Avid & RockShox, Master Service Training, Garmin product training, navigation and sport, Polar tech-team-training, on-site service, Bosch, electro-drivetrain training, Magura, service training, Mavic, tech dealer, Fox, advanced service workshop, Shimano product training, Rocky Mountain product and technical training - Use your personal customer-login to see orders, the status of your repair or to check out new products in our online shop. Already registered? Please fill in the following form: If you are a repair-customer or you have purchased a bike with us, you are automatically registered. Your customer-ID can be found on your receipt or drop-off repair document. Your pre-defined password is your zip code, which you may change later on in our online shop. If you aren't registered yet, you can do this easily in our online shop. Just click on Register. - About Us: Our company philosophy: Since City-Bike's founding in 1991, Daniel Gediga has been a constituent part of the cycle sports specialized store, situated in the heart of Wiesbaden, Germany. In 1997, Daniel took control over and, since, leads the fate of City-Bike. A successful achievement of the German skilled crafts and trade exam in 2004 has made City-Bike into one of the few "officially" recognized and registered bicycle shops. Our highest priority is aimed towards developing customer-oriented product and support concepts, regardless of whether your main cycling focus is on sports, leisure, transportation or even status symbol. When we're not involved with bikes and in cycling, each of us is a consumer - just like you! That is why we've been committed, year after year, to present our customers with an attractive product palette. Everything has its price but essentially, it should also be worth its price. Transparency and a good price-quality relationship - that's our devise. - Take advantage of our over 20 years of service, repair and consulting expertise. We'll be glad to welcome you in our shop! Paul Schumacher, Rainer Tremper, Michael Graß, Daniel Gediga, Jeremy Boissel - Testbikes: Test ride the latest models: Most of us wish to test high-quality products before we buy them. With bicycles, sometimes, the mandatory spin around our pedestrian block is just not enough. We offer selected test-models from the brands Stevens and Specialized. For this purpose, we recommend a small escapade from the city into the woods or on the road. Wiesbaden is directly located at the foot of the Taunus region. From our store, you can almost immediately kick the pedals and find all kinds of trails, where you can completely stress test mountain bikes. For road cyclists, try out the legendary 70.3 Ironman route, which runs close by our shop. Give us a call or write us an eMail, so we may work out dates together for your own personal test ride. - In our online shop, you can find a list of our current test bikes Check availability - City-E-Bike E-bikes and pedelecs: Our City-E-Bike store will meet all your electro-biking needs. Here, you'll find the highest quality products such as the Swiss brand, Flyer and the German brand, Stevens. The City-E-Bike team is your professional consultant and service partner for Bosch and Panasonic drivetrain systems. You can best experience the so-called e-bike smile during a personal extensive test ride. We'll also take care of the lifelong satisfaction and value of your e-bike or pedelec thanks to our service and maintenance offers. Simply come by and find out more. - City-E-Bike, Obere Webergasse 44-46, 65183 Wiesbaden, Tel. +49611375037, eMail: - Our Partners: Flyer, Stevens, Movelo - Events: Events and Workshops: With our calendar, you're always informed about current events, seminars, workshops, technical ride training and GPS-navigation courses. You'll be able to cover the basics i.e. on shifting systems, brakes, changing tires, optimize your ride skills to maximize fun or navigate like the professionals so you'll stay on the right track. Generally, all events are offered for both English and German-speaking customers. Please contact us for language information before you book. You'll find a list of current events and workshops in our online shop Events in our online shop We recommend:Wiesbaden Bike Marathon, RSC Rad Sport Club Wiesbaden, Ironman 70.3 Wiesbaden, Wiesbadener Sportföderung eV WISPO Wiesbaden - News on Facebook: Activities and News: Though the posts on our Facebook page are all in German, we'll keep you updated here by translating our main articles so you can read about events, new products and more. Of course, you can post any comments in English if you wish ... and we'd greatly appreciate a like! Location: How to find us: We are located in a small pedestrian street, called "Obere Webergasse" in the center of Wiesbaden's historical pentagon on the other side of the Emperor-Frederick-Spa and at the end of the pedestrian shopping zone. Calculate route - Customer Parking: Free customer car spaces: You are welcome to use our customer parking spots in the small garage, right next to the kitchen store, "Kochen und Design". The first two spaces on the right are reserved for City-Bike customers. Should the garage door be closed, simply halt shortly in front of it and let us know. - Contact Form: Send us an online request: Do you have any questions on our products or service offers? Simply fill out this form and we'll strive to answer your query as soon as possible. Of course, you may also contact us per telephone. You can directly save City-Bike in your smartphone's address book. Just click here and then scan the QR-code. - Designed by Heike & Daniel Gediga | Created by Jeremy Boissel | site born on: 2013-05-24 | c2017 City-Bike prop. Daniel Gediga | c2017 Jeremy Boissel

We are passionate and dedicated cycle sport experts with professional competence. Your bicycle is in great hands with us. In addition to sales and consulting, we provide extensive services in maintenance, repairs and individual bike fitting analyses.   more ...We regularly inform you on interesting novelties, special offers and cycling events in our region. An exclusive glimpse into manufacturer product seminars and expos will keep you up to date on the latest cycle trends and newest technologies.   more ...
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